This has been our strategy since day one. We are determined to innovate in all our areas of activity: products, associated services, materials, management methods and the environment. Our goal: to become the leading packaging start-up, delivering industry partners all the benefits of working with a vibrant organisation that is committed to being part of Industry 4.0, but also to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

We aim to achieve durability via a number of concrete objectives:

  • To carry out planned innovative research into new materials
  • To encourage our team to apply innovative solutions in their everyday work
  • To aim for continuous improvement as a way of staying competitive and ensuring that our products and company are cost-efficient
  • To introduce, develop and optimise NTIC in order to measure, analyse and manage defined goals
  • ITo systematically include a green component in our projects, innovations and efforts at continuous improvement. To reject innovations that run counter to our strong environmental principles (e.g. GMO)

A flat-pack crate with rapid, ultra-safe assembly.


  • No risk of loss
  • Reliable, for use in all climate conditions
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Easy, no-risk operation
  • Easier to recycle (metal)

NS Gerbois is part of the Grand Est region’s “Industry of the Future” initiative. We are committed to working innovatively alongside all those corporate and institutional partners who support our development.

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Conception et fabrication d'emballages industriels en bois | Industrial wooden packaging design and manufacture | Design und Herstellung von industriellen Holzverpackungen | Progettazione e produzione di imballaggi industriali in legno