NS Gerbois SAS has been committed to a formalised quality management system since day one. Quality has always been an integral part of the Gerbois brand—it’s in our DNA.

But while we draw on existing expertise, we are always ready to adapt to new international standards. Our company boasts ISO 9001 and 14001:2015 certification, a crucial guarantee of reliability and quality for our partners.


Thanks to our company structure and first-rate facilities, we are authorised by the French Ministry of Agriculture to treat our wood to ISPM 15 specifications, and so are able to certify all of our packaging for export.

We are an affiliate member of SEILA, the French industrial packaging union. The standards we use in our design and manufacturing are approved and backed by research, and enable our clients to refer to a precise nomenclature.


Take a minute to find out all you need to know about our quality policy. This video explains how our vision relies on each team member listening to the client, following established procedures, and fully committing to and taking responsibility for each project.


The quality of our raw materials is paramount, so our supply chain is tightly controlled. Wood is the very essence of our products, and we take particular care in choosing our partners and sourcing the best products. Most of our wood is sourced locally and is PEFC-certified and/or from sustainably managed forests. We check the quality of each batch as it arrives and carry out ISPM 15 treatment in our kilns.


It’s our job to guarantee the reliability of our packaging and associated services, so that our clients can be confident their products will be safe in transit. We optimise our products and services so as to minimise their environmental impact in the international logistics flow. Our design department tailors its product designs to meet the demands of the industrial sector, while our manufacturing department oversees the delivery of high-quality products made to the client’s specifications and within the required timescale.


TAll of our processes are based on research evidence and have been formalised to best meet our clients’ industry standards. We have defined 5 functional processes that underpin the principles of our work as packagers. Our support processes ensure that these function effectively on a daily basis. Smooth interaction between these well-balanced processes means that our clients can be sure of the best possible quality at all stages of the value chain.
By conducting quality control and analysis at 20 checkpoints we are able to continually identify and respond to areas for improvement.


Conception et fabrication d'emballages industriels en bois | Industrial wooden packaging design and manufacture | Design und Herstellung von industriellen Holzverpackungen | Progettazione e produzione di imballaggi industriali in legno