At Nouvelle Société Gerbois SAS we design and manufacture all kinds of wood-based industrial packaging. With over 40 years’ experience in the field, we provide help with your projects and respond quickly to your needs. Our products are suitable for all types of transportation and are custom-designed and made to measure. Whether you have a one-off project or a high-volume production run, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness. By staying in close contact with our clients we forge real, lasting partnerships. With a focus on flexibility and reliability, we offer high-quality products and services at a price that fits your budget.



With over 40 years’ experience, our teams boast real expertise in wood and industrial packaging. NS Gerbois is proud to draw on the skills of a multi-generational workforce, and our teams bring a dynamic and professional perspective to every client project.


What matters to us is not what people can offer our company, but what our company can offer them

Located in the heart of the Vosges Mountains, we are within easy reach of our supply sources and all major European transport routes. With over 5 ha of outdoor storage and 6,000 m2 of covered storage, we are well-placed to handle any fluctuations in your business. We have a high-performance machine pool boasting a numerical control machining centre and a separate, eco-friendly drying kiln with a capacity of 180 m3 for ISPM 15 treatment.

Our organisational structure is circular rather than top-down, reflecting our commitment to communication, the exchange of ideas, and collaborative working. Our machine operators are experienced and highly trained. We see this as the key to ensuring that our clients receive high-quality products and excellent service.


NS Gerbois SAS is a newly incorporated company formed in 2014 after a meeting between two women and a group of employees from Gerbois SAS. This former incarnation of the current company had operated successfully in the Vosges region for several decades, but ran into difficulties around 2010. The story of our company is first and foremost one of human enterprise and endeavour, born out of the unwavering determination of its founders. Ours is a story of rebirth: experience and expertise revitalised by forward thinking, cutting-edge innovation, and the ability to adapt to major changes in the global industry. Find out more about some of the milestones in our history.


Conception et fabrication d'emballages industriels en bois | Industrial wooden packaging design and manufacture | Design und Herstellung von industriellen Holzverpackungen | Progettazione e produzione di imballaggi industriali in legno